The end of

Dear members and friends of,

After nearly 16 years of joy and happiness, we are saddened to inform all of our members and PT Cruiser friends from all over the world that The Dutch PT Cruiser club is closing down per the first of January 2019.

It has taken several months of meetings between the teammembers and researching all possible options. The final outcome was obviously not the prefered option and it has been one of the most difficult decisions to make. The main cause of this dillema was a decreasing amount of active members on our forum, website and during events. The club seemed to be splitting apart more and more and the work involved with keeping the club running in its current format is unfortunately no longer viable.

The website and forum will be closed down on the first of January 2019. We would like to thank everyone for their support and friendship over the years and hopefully many of us will stay in touch via Facebook or other media.

Thanks again and we wish everyone all the best.

Keep Cruising!

Team “The Dutch PT Cruiser club"
John, Theo and GertJan.