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If you would like to attend Cruise The Netherlands 15, please complete the form below. You can select the number of people and if you wish to stay over, select one of the hotel package deals. The hotel van der Valk Spier, Oude Postweg 8, 9417 TG Spier, will receive a copy of this form and will contact you direct regarding your selected package deal.

On the right side of this page you will find clickable banners of "Logohuis" & "Cruisershop".

Important, read first before completing the form !

Sign up and final registration date

If you wish to attend Cruise The Netherlands, you must complete the form below. After you have submitted the form, you will receive a confirmation from the organisers.
The final registration date is May 31, 2018

Ordering a package deal

If you order a package deal through the form below, the hotel will receive this as a reservation. The reservation will be treated as confirmed as soon as you click the 'Send' button". If you would like to cancel your visit to Cruise The Netherlands 15, please be aware that you will also have to cancel the package deal that you have selected through the hotel direct with Hotel van der Valk Spier.

Room reservation for more then 2 persons / single room / extra bed

Via the form you can select one or more 2-person hotelrooms. In case you will be coming with more than 2 people, and you would like to have an extra bed in the room, or you will come alone and you would like a single room, please mention this in the form at the 'Questions and comments' field. The prices you will find at `package deals`, menu-section information. The hotel will contact you regarding your wishes. Please be sure to fill in your telephone number and country code.

Reservation extra night(s) / pets / babycrip

Extra night(s): If you would like to stay for 1 (one) or more extra nights, please include this in the form in the 'Questions and comments' field. The price of an extra night or nights you will find at `package deals`, menu-section information.

Pets: Your dogs are not welcome to stay at the hotel.

Babycrip: Bring your own babycrip.

Form filled in wrong or would you like to make changes? 

Please inform us via and in case you have selected one of the package deals, please contact the hotel van der Valk Spier, via email, or via phone:
+31 593564800. The contact person of the hotel is Herwin Bolwijn. If you contact the hotel via email or phone, mention the registrationnummer SPI-GF 11449



Registration for CTN15 has ended..
If you have any questions, send an email to


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