Welcome to CTN15, June 9th & 10th 2018

In June of 2018 Cruisin.nl presents the 15th edition of the annual 2-day international PT Cruiser event 'Cruise The Netherlands' (CTN).

The event is organized by Cisca & Klaas Westra, in cooperation with Theo van Cann and John Gortemuller and Gert-Jan van den Berg (CTN15-Crew)

Cruise The Netherlands is a Cruisin.nl event, www.cruisin.nl

The 15th edition of Cruise The Netherlands

Since 2004, Cruisin.nl organized this two-day international PT Cruiser party. Each edition was a great success and popular nationally and internationally. CTN2 in 2005 was the most international PT Cruiser event worldwide with 88 participants from 11 countries. CTN10 in 2013 reached the highest number of participants in a CTN edition with 91 PT Cruisers and CTN14 in 2017 reached the highest number of Dutch Participants with 41 PT Cruisers.


This website is offered in English, German and Dutch. This also applies for the driving directions on Saturday & Sunday.

Important for CTN15 Participants

The Meet & Greet is on Saturday June 9th between 09.30 and 11.30 am at the Restaurant Frederikshaven, Rijksweg 41  7975 RV in Uffelte. After the meet & greet we will cruise through the area and enjoy a lunch at the Restaurant and Partycentre Schoonhoven,
Marten Kuilerweg 47, 7913 XG in Hollandscheveld. The cruise will end at the CTN15-hotel van der Valk Spier, Oude Postweg 8, 9417 TG in Spier..

In the weekend of June 2nd you will receive the latest CTN15 information via email.

You can register through the registration form to sign up for 1 or 2 days.
The final registration date is May 31, 2018

This Year: Area of Drenthe

CTN15 takes place this year in the province of Drenthe.

Drenthe is one of the greenest provinces of the Netherlands. The natural landscape can be explored best by bike, thanks to the 1400 km of bike paths. There are vast natural areas with moors, sand dunes, marshes and forests.

If you want to relax and unwind, you must visit Drenthe. The peace and quiet of this beautiful area is disrupted only once a year during the TT of Assen. More than 100,000 motorbike enthusiasts look at the world's best riders and motorcycles at the Grand Prix Circuit (great price of the Netherlands).

Drenthe is a sparsely populated area and has about 482,415 inhabitants. Every year there are millions of tourists who visit Drenthe to enjoy the unspoilt nature and the many opportunities for active and sporting vacations. Assen is the capital city.

Technical problems with your PT during CTN

If your PT Cruiser has a technical problem on your arrival or your stay in the province of Drenthe, it is possible to use the services of garage Jaap Tooms, Moleneinde 12, 7991 AK in Dwingeloo. Please contact the CTN15 organizer Klaas Westra, phone 0031-612028339.


What do you eat during Lunch & Dinner ?

For the participation in the Lunch on Saturday afternoon you will be approached through your email address after registration. If you participate in the lunch, you will receive a voucher at the meet & greet. Your participation in the dinner on Saturday evening, can be done by the booking of a package in the registration form.

We hope you will attend lunch as well as dinner. And to encourage your participation, we like to tell you, what you can eat on this 1st day of CTN15.

Lunch saturday afternoon "Restaurant and Partycentre Schoonhoven":
buffet, € 9,95 per person (3 to 10 years € 4,95)

∗ Soup
∗ Brown bread ∗ White bread ∗ Currant bread ∗ Sugar bread
∗ Brown and white buns
∗ Various Meat-products ∗ 2 types of Cheese ∗ Various Confectionery
∗ Croquettes
∗ Unlimited Coffee, tea, milk and buttermilk

Dinerbuffet saturday evening "Hotel van der Valk Spier":
€ 35.50 per person (up to 5 years free, 6 up to 11 years € 17,75)

∗ Clear tomato soup with garden herbs
∗ Smoked Eel & Salmon, Norwegian shrimp, salmom salad, ham with melon, tenderloin Carpaccio, chicken salad, fresh fruit salad, assorted cold sauces, baguette, butter, herb-butter, chicken-filet with curry sauce and rice, sliced pork tenderloin, warm ham, sate, salmon filet with sauce hollandaise, french fries, fried potatoes and vegatables.
∗ Coffee with bonbon

Museum Village Orvelte

On Sunday we will visit the museum village Orvelte. It is one of the five most beautiful villages in the Netherlands, where you can have great walks while enjoying the monumental thatched farms in this historic village. Your surprising tour will lead you to the village gren (the heart of the village, where special theme days take place, folk groups perform, special markets are held, etc.). You can visit the glassworks, the cheese dairy or the sawmill and take a look at how wooden shoes were made in the past. Orvelte caters for all tastes.

Sign up fee

For CTN15 there will be a sign up fee per PT Cruiser (not per person) of € 10,00. The money we raise will be used to cover any unexpected costs.

The sign up fee has to be paid at the meet & greet..

Word of Thanks CTN15 organization (CTN15-Crew)

We would like to thank our sponsors and of course Cruisin.nl for their financial and material support. It made it for us possible to fill the Goodybag with gadgets and to buy nice prizes for the lottery. And of course a big thank you to all participants for their arrival.

A special thanks goes to Ed and Sjoerd van der Veer for the good work behind the scenes and for upcoming support.

CTN15 Organization (CTN15-Crew),

For more details about the event, navigate to the sitemenu and click on "information".